We own many other Fifa sites, and have been in the fifa coin industry since 2010. We receive thousands of orders and are advertised by many known youtubers, so you know you can trust us in providing you with the best service possible.
Just choose the console and pack you want to purchase on the homepage and checkout with PayPal, with your Credit/Debit card or with Skrill (Moneybookers). Once paid, your coins will be credited into your account “bank” usually instantly! However please note, it may sometimes take 5 minutes or so for your account to update, while waiting just refresh your account every minute or so. With the coins in your account you can go ahead and open some packs
Once you initiate your withdrawal, you will be given a link to our automated system. This link will allow you to freely and instantly withdraw your coins. This system is an exclusive to us, and works better than any other out there! So withdrawing is as easy as opening our magical packs!
You can open upto 5 demo packs per account. Just so you can get a taster of how things work. It’s like those tasty samples you get to try at the supermarket, you just have to try it for real.
No, the way it works is you will receive the coin value total of the players from the packs you open, unlike other websites out there, our prices are always up to date, so if you win a player in a pack you want to purchase, you will receive/win enough coins to buy that player on ultimate team.
Unfortunately anything you win in demo packs cannot be redeemed. Demo packs are simply there for you to get a taste of how FUTGENIE works, and see how the packs work. Demo packs are FREE for customers to open, so enjoy!
We will have promotional packs depending on the current time of the season. FUTGENIE always have any packs EA have officially available. New packs will come out occasionally, and we’re always happy to receive feedback or ideas you may have, tweet us your suggestions @THEFUTGENIE
No, remember our automated system means delivery is INSTANT so we do not have to be online for you to receive your coins right away. We have 24 hour customer service, however our staff are humans too and need to eat (only sometimes!) So there maybe periods upto an hour maximum where they may be no one on the live chat. Please contact us via email: or twitter @thefutgenie
We ONLY take payment from you whenever we have the coins in stock, this ensures you receive your coins instantly and your delivery is not delayed.
The majority of withdrawals through our automation are delivered instantly. However on the rare occasion it hasn't, please make sure you’re following all instructions on our automated platform. If you are still waiting it maybe due to server issues, or a technical problem. Please contact us if you’ve waited more than 24 hours.
Checkout securely using PayPal, or use any of your major credit/debit cards. Skrill and Bitcoins are also very happily accepted. For anything else, please contact us.
You can contact us via the live chat agent, email here or via twitter @thefutgenie.
No, we accept all types of currencies; however, you can choose your desired currency on the top left hand corner of the home page. Our prices are also always displayed in GBP (pounds, sterling) by default.
Unfortunately, once you buy coins for the first time the platform you buy coins for will designate your account for that platform only. If you'd like to open packs for both Xbox and Playstation you'll have to open a second account.